Hi, my name is Beverly.


The world looks brighter from behind a smile.

Happy February Fools everyone!  I’ve found in my travels that life is a lot more interesting when you don’t let stupid things bring you down.  This morning I got to school really really late (according to my standards), but I still made it in front of the band room just in time to walk with Avi and Kevin.  Amar was extra nice to me in band because he doesn’t want to hurt my feelings ever again.  I thought it was sweet, but it weirded me out too.  Kevin and I dated our note paper and were continuing to pass conversations back and forth while Mr. Devo talked about econ-related topics.  Today was Señor Diaz’s birthday.  I was happy that he picked on me about how I’m supposed to know the difference between por and para by now.  The once unwanted attention strangely makes me less nervous about my espanol since he knows I’m doing better in the class.  Nathan and I went over to Chris’s house after school and hung out with him until I had to drive my brother home.  Then Avi picked me up from my house and we went to HoneyBerry to get milk tea and a roti bun because Monique was working before band tutoring.  The people at Starbucks were very cool.  None of my saxophone kiddies showed up today, only Vincent.  He plays tenor though so Avi tutored him while I worked on our homework.  Lately I’ve been trying hard to just be happy.

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