Hi, my name is Beverly.


The world looks brighter from behind a smile.

I feel the need to list what happened today.

  • No ice on my car this morning. YAY <3
  • Told Julie that I think Nathan is on his period, only to find out that he was walking right behind us..
  • Texted during Hamlet presentations in English
  • Listened to Mrs. Thieu yell at the parent who had the audacity to accuse her of having unethical teaching methods to us students
  • Listened to Mr. Barnhill lecture about random things, and how much he really loves us at the end of the day
  • Found out that I didn’t have to do the Spanish homework I didn’t do
  • Listened to Mr. Devincenzi tell us interesting stories in econ, while ignoring the econ-related parts of the discussion
  • Went on a “field trip” en la class de espanol y hice mucho trabajo
  • I didn’t know about today’s NHS meeting during lunch.  
  • I also forgot my ISP/CSP logs at home.  This was my second strike.  One more and I’m out.. ):
  • Victor and I told anti-jokes in forensics! Haha
  • He asked me to hang out with him for a while after school because we haven’t lately.
  • Then I went to Chris’s and he made me a hot dog wrapped in bacon. 
  • Jennifer and I talked about going dress shopping together some time in the near future.
  • Avi and I went to Tapioca Express after I dropped off Stan.
  • We were late to band tutoring, but I hope Winston gives me full hours anyways because I’m the only person who never ditches.  Perfect attendance, man.
  • I played alongside Ailan, Kim’s little sister, today.  Joey and Nolan were in the practice room with Charlie and Avi.  
  • Afterwards I went up to Joey and Nolan as they were putting their stuff away, and they told me that they like me better.  Them sweetie pies.  
  • Went home, and watched the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars before starting my homework
  • Made sure Chris brought pizza to the robotics meeting today because I sort of signed him up for it without asking first
  • At the moment I’m tired and attempting to do homework.
  • Going to school tomorrow at 6:30am.  Hopefully things will go back to the way they used to be..
  • Watching the Lakers vs. Heat game tomorrow at 5pm with Chris.  When the Heat win, he shall be my slave for the following day.  
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